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Not Just Pets

Produced by Hydra Films Inc.
This is a story of Ella, a Labrador Retriever service dog. Fayden is a child with a form of autism, who is lost in her own world. Ella’s job is to bring Fayden out of her shell and into our world.


Puppy Raisers @ Aspen Service Dogs

Produced Rachel Papulkas
Have you ever thought about being a puppy raiser?  Here’s a story of two Aspen Service Dog Puppy Raisers who have made a different in someone’s life by raising a service dog.
They must be out there...somewhere?

Denes I Utre (Today & Tomorrow)

Produced by Hydra Films Inc.
STAN PAPULKAS, Writer/Producer for “Denes I Utre: The Macedonians of Edmonton”, tells the story of the Northern Province of Alberta small, but vibrant community of approximately 50 Macedonian families who maintain and cherish their cultural roots.





The Courage to Stand

Produced & Directed by Stanley A. Papulkas
For anyone who believes their community is immune from hate, THE COURAGE TO STAND is a powerful wakeup call.  This documentary looks at incidents of hate in the Okanagan Valley and the strength and courage of British Columbian communities in response.  While THE COURAGE TO STAND depicts the experiences of communities in B.C., its relevance will hold up for many years to come and its reality holds up a mirror to us all.  Hate can happen anywhere.  Through its close up profiles – victims of hate whose love for Canada helps them endure activists who rally support from groups dedicated to exposing hate.

THE COURAGE TO STAND was produced and directed by award winning producer Stanley A. Papulkas.

Finalist at the New York Film Festival.